ISS Services

Infinet Service Solutions is Infinet Group's 3PSP. ISS specializes in post-sale technical support and product handling. If you need a technician on hand to fix a POS machine, or want to claim warranty on a faulty part, ISS has the job covered. ISS also offers environmentally conscious disposal of faulty and end-of-life products, as well as back-to-base repairs and product testing to reduce losses on return items. 

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isl services

Infinet Service Logistics is Infinet Group's 3PL. ISL specializes in post-sale logistics and supply chain management. If you need a part picked, packed and delivered anywhere in Australia, ISL has you covered. ISL also provides stock management and forward stock locations services.

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IIM Services


Infinet Information Management is Infinet Group's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider. IIM provides software solutions for clients to provide a method of monitoring job tracking, freight management and e-commerce. The system also has networking and business enterprise capabilities. 

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