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reclaim simple


Reclaim  the  space  to  think,  the  time  to  do,  and  the  power  to  achieve  with  Infinet. 

We  take  care  of  the  details  so  you  don't  have  to.  That's  why  the  globe‚Äôs  biggest  brands  choose  us  to  manage  their  post  sale  support.  We  have  the  experience,  the  resources  and  the  fortitude  to  deliver  on  the  tightest  of  time  frames, under the most difficult of circumstances.

 We  are  Australia's  largest privately owned post-sale  support  provider. We  help  our  clients  change  the  world  by  taking  care  of  the  day-to-day,  so  they  can  do  more  of  what  matters. 

  Reclaim Simple with Infinet.  

Our companies

Our secret to Infinetly Simpler business is our unique business structure. Four independent, self governing companies allow us to provide highly tailored packages to our clients. We deliver exactly what you ask for, in whatever formation works best for you. Whether you need your whole post-sale process taken care of or just a component, we provide a single point of contact. Meaning you can reclaim simple and get on with changing the world. 

our Services

We provide holistic, end-to-end post sale support. Whatever your problem, we have the solution and we'll execute with speed and precision. 


Need a spare part picked and delivered to site in 4 hours, at 2am on Christmas morning? Piece of cake. You want it installed and the faulty part repaired too? Done. You'll also want to claim the warranty for that faulty part, right? Leave it to us. Have part of it covered, and need us to fill the gaps? That's not a problem either. 


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Moving, managing and housing inventory. Let us simplify the process for you. We're not just a warehouse, we're an end-to-end service. 

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Field Service

There when you need us. If your POS system has crashed, or you just need a new keyboard, we can be there within hours. Help is always on its way. 

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Needing a solution for your returns and faulties? We have you sorted. Our state-of-the-art facilities mean we can support everything from monitors to cameras. 

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A system to manage it all. Take advantage of our veteran experience in ERP software. We boast one of the seminal ERP programs to manage the entire process. 


Keep up to date with all the ways we make business simpler. We'll keep you in the know about how we do what we do with our latest news and reports. 

Contact Us

Whether it's by phone, email, or snail mail, we'd love to talk about streamlining your post-sale service. Drop us a line and let us help you Reclaim Simple. 

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