Case Study: NCR

The Scenario

NCR had been juggling dozens of moving parts in an ever-shifting, time sensitive market. Multiple touchpoints had increased the risk of service line breakdown and placed unnecessary pressure on service managers to mediate between couriers, technicians and warehouse agents.

The Solution

NCR upgraded their service line procedure through Infinet’s streamlined approach. The multiple touchpoints were replaced by an all-inclusive, end-to-end solution which improved both the NCR and end-customer experience.

The company was able to select from three service types;

· Part and tech – this option provides a technician, with replacement part in hand. A one-call fix. 

· Part only – this option provides cost flexibility by only supplying the replacement part to the end user. Infinet also follows up on return of the faulty unit .

· Tech only – this option provides a technician onsite for diagnostic or system support.

NCR opted for a fully managed, Part and Tech solution. To maximise on the Infinet service offerings, the company also elected for a time specific, on-site guarantee. This provided the necessary assurance that within 4 hours of receiving a call, a technician could be onsite with a part, anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day.

Infinet achieves this best-in-class service through the seamless coordination of three sister companies – ISS, ISL, and IIM. Each operating as independent, self-governing bodies, their integrated services provide the opportunity for NCR to manage all aspects of the service line through one point of contact. Now, all services from stocktake to back-to-base repair are bundled in a single package.

Figure 1 - Infinet Group Business Model

Figure 1 - Infinet Group Business Model

The Outcome

Following the model’s success in Australia, NCR extended the Infinet service model into New Zealand with INZ. The simplified service line eliminated 5 points of contact and reduced the risk of service line breakdown.

As an end-to-end solution, the Infinet Group has reintroduced simplicity into the NCR service system.